About me

Welcome to my page.

I am astrologer Martin.
I am a professional astrologer, spiritual advisor and personal and business advisor. I am also an effective spiritual healer and reiki master.
For over 25 years I helped many people in their countless personal, health, business and spiritual problems. I deal with spiritual development. I help people around the world to solve their problems. With my help many people have been freed from demonic possession, ghosts , spirits.
 haunted houses have been cleaned by me. Now these places are friendly and there is no longer any ghosts. My effectiveness in this area is 100%.
No matter the distance, the effectiveness remains the same, when I sit with you or  if I'm thousands of miles away. I help people find their own path in life and to help solve problems that affect them. In my work with other people, I use methods such as astrology, numerology, clairvoyance, prayer, meditation, visualization, mo, runes, reiki, bioenergoterapy (biotherapy), chakroterapia, exorcisms, dance, yoga, ear candling, affirmation, self-hypnosis, reincarnation therapy, shamanism and many others. 

If you need  advice ,  treatment  or if you are interested in spiritual development please contact me

Astrologer Martin